Jedes Unternehmen hat Aufgaben, die qualifizierte Mitarbeiter mit den unterschiedlichsten Fähigkeiten benötigen. Warum beauftragen Sie nicht EMSS als freien Mitarbeiter und lassen Ihren eigenen Stab dort arbeiten, wo er am wirksamsten eingesetzt werden kann.

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Process Instruction Authoring

Having successfully implemented ISO9000 for a New Zealand electronics manufacturer I have an in-depth understanding of what is required to document processes, whether they are procedural descriptions, manuals, umbrella documents, quality manuals or Assembly and Test Instructions.

During my time I have found few properly maintained Assembly and Test instructions; they are rare, since their creation is usually left to the last moment, well afer the first products are already with the customer. There is never enough time for in-house staff to complete this task while juggling the product introduction process, however I can change this for you!

Authoring of product manuals

Writing technical product manuals is a complex task requiring a number of different skills, such as

Having written both software and hardware manuals for a number of different organisations I know what is important to make sure complex tasks are simply explained.

PC Software Test

PC Software spielt bei der Nutzung vieler Produkte eine immer wichtigere Rolle. Sehr oft kommen jedoch Test und Testverfahren zu kurz. Ich helfe Ihnen die entsprechenden Prozesse zu implementieren und kann diese auf den meisten Plattformen durchführen:




Professional Translations for Manuals and Installation Instructions require not only fluent knowledge of both languages, but also a familiarity with the topic and definitely an active interest. Often specialist terminology is used and differences in words can be quite subtle depending on context.

I can draw on 15 years experience working in an English speaking electronics technology environment, having been born and raised in Germany and then moved to New Zealand in 1993.

One specific strength is the ability to translate directly into firmware or software source code. To date most of my skills acquired when working as a development engineer are still of value in this area, specifically assembler and C-programming.

Product Evaluations

Occasionally you will want someone independent critique your product and show you what their perception might be of what you believe is the 'best product since sliced bread' (What WAS that product before sliced bread??) Again, you will need someone with technical aptitude, the right skills and tools and a quick understanding of the concepts. I can do this for you and give that down-to-the-point evaluation you need from an independent viewpoint.

Production Management Support

I have worked as a Production- and Operations manager for the last 12 years in New Zealand, and where required I can supplement your organisation with

and many other production management related tasks.

IPC 610 Training

I am a certified IPC-610 trainer (CIT) and offer tailored training courses for electronics manufacturing organisations, so their staff can achieve CIS status. It doesn't matter if only the basic modules are required, or a more in depth training should be given to include Surface Mount Technology.

Support assistance

Being located in New Zealand with markets far away requires every organisation to excel in building a support infrastructure. It needs more than just coping with time zones, it is all about making a difference where your customers ultimately feel close to you despite the physical separation.

I can be the point of contact for support questions with flexible hours of work, thereby allowing fast response times. I also include such services as:

No matter what task you require, I can assist, so please e-mail me at